Jet Related

Ian Bennett
Gas Turbine Collector & Enthusiast.

Justin Wolgar – WTF Labs
Gas Turbine Collector & Enthusiast.

Roger Marmion
Gas Turbine Collector & Enthusiast.

Ground Based Jet Turbines & Projects.
Facebook GT Enthusiasts Page.

Andy Morris’s DIY Jet Engines
Builder of Turbo Jet Engines.

Paul Davidson
Gas Turbine Collector & Enthusiast.
Sadly Paul passed on the 1st May 2022,
but I shall endeavor to keep his website live.

Martin Hill
Fireforce Jet Powered Dragsters.

Mark Nye
Gas Turbine Enthusiast.

Thomas Baumgart
Gas Turbine Engineer

Olympus 593
A celebration of Concorde.

Gravity Industries
Human Flight Systems

Everett Aero
Suppliers of Aircraft and Engines.

AMT Jets – Netherlands
Arguably the best Micro Turbines money can buy.


Stainless Design & Fabrications
Stainless Design & Fabrication and 3D Printing

Euro Horseboxes
Care and repair of new and used Horseboxes/ Jet Lorry’s.

Euro Hydraulic Services – Shrewsbury
All things Hydraulic and More!

Adrian Bennett – Bennett Technology Ltd
Special Effects for Film & TV.

Paul McGuinness – Corpse Hire
Prosthetic Corpse and Body Parts for Film & TV

Jimmy de Ville
Engineer & Adventurer

End of the Tunnel Vintage Lighting.
Nick Roberts lovingly restored genuine movie lights for sale.

Tod Cutler – Tod’s Workshop
Historical props, consultancy and engineering work for Film & TV

James Gurden
Branded Storytelling


Osteria v2.0 – Shrewsbury
The best Italian restaurant IN THE WORLD !

O’Shea International
Watersports Company
The best Inflatable Paddle Boards IN THE WORLD !
Live Webcams in and around Abersoch UK

The Unmutual
The Prisoner

Adrian Bennett's Gas Turbine Hobby Website